Accounting,  Auditing, Taxation & Assurance

Attest and review services covering financial statements, controls, assertions, agreements, regulatory compliance and technology (including IT assurance and security, business, integrated audits and transaction advisory services). finaceaccounting

We provide effective strategies for optimizing taxes, implementing innovative tax planning, international tax and effectively maintaining compliance.

We examine the accounting system in place and evaluate whether it is adequate for the nature and complexity of the entity. This always includes an assessment of whether the accounting practices employed are in accordance with internationally accepted accounting regulatory framework and gives full accountability, true and fair view of the state of affairs of the entity. We make necessary tests of the accounting and financial system to establish the existence and adequacy of internal controls pertaining to the proper utilization of resources.

Adequacy of the Accounting System and Internal Controls.

We express an independent professional opinion as to whether proper books of account and records have been maintained. Whether the financial statements are in agreement therewith and reflect a true and fair view of the state of affairs and results of activities for the year.

Adequacy of Accounting and Financial Documents

We examine the books of account and other accounting and financial documents and assess if they are sufficient in recording the financial transactions. To this end, we evaluate the adequacy, reliability and sustainability of the accounting and financial documents.